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Post by wingstruck on November 12th 2010, 11:12 pm

Right Dukes and dames
im going to be sub heading a few anime genres within this section i want a list of all watched and known anime series relating to the heading,and a rating of said show or shows
in this thread we will be discussing all things supernatural
so lets kick this thread off with a few that come to my mind

full metal alchemist
shamen king
yu yu hakusho
death note
one piece
xxx holic
highschool of the dead
07 ghost
soul eater
devil may cry

OK guys up to you now,i want to see a list of more similar shows,including live action,movies and upcoming show news,please feel free to comment on the above shows,and leave your feedback and reviews,not a supernatural fan? check out the other threads
all veiws are valid until i say otherwise
Otaku-nuff said
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