wats hot whats not list

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wats hot whats not list

Post by wingstruck on November 12th 2010, 7:01 am

ok dudes and dudettes
here is where ill be posting weekly top 10 games for your review and game play scruntiny
those of you play and finish the games listed please review,or list ones which your currently playing,im making this general for all systems games,so feel free to add ones and check out the ones i suggest,give me your feeback and ones you felt let down by,and ones which are definately worth the replay
my top ten for this week are ......

1/COD: Black Ops 360 , PS3, PC, Wii

2/DC Universe Online | PS3 , PC

3/Radiant Historia | DS

4/Diablo 3 | PC

5/The UnderGarden | 360 , PS3, PC

6/Shaun White Skateboarding | 360 , PS3

7/Fable 3 | 360 , PC

8/Batman: Arkham City | PS3 , PC, 360

9/GoldenEye 007 | Wii , DS

10/James Bond 007: Blood Stone | PS3 , 360, DS, PC

give me your thoughts ,and happy gaming
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Re: wats hot whats not list

Post by Xanbaka on November 12th 2010, 10:36 am

1) COD Black Op- is very popular right now so that is a given
2) DC Universer Online- should be amazing but i have not played it yet
3)Radiant Hisoria-
4)Diablo 3- it's blizzard nuff said
5)The undergarden- this game will be used abused and then forgotten
6)Shaun white skate boarding-blah crap game
7)Fable 3- I am a little hesitent on this one. i will wait to see how it plays out
8)Batman: Arkham City-Can't wait to play it
9)Goldeneye 007- the game is awesome. nuff said
10)James Bond 007: Blood Stone-garbage. the play control is really bad its worse than the 007 for ps2
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